• Rugged Laptops

    A wide range of rugged laptops providing industry-leading security, high-end performance & vast I/O capability.

  • Rugged Tablets

    Windows & Android based rugged tablets that are designed to operate within harshest industrial environments.

  • Rugged Printers

    Military Grade Rugged Printers Designed To Withstand Extremely Punishing Field Conditions.

  • Secure Communications

    A Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) is a collection of mobile devices, that form a self-configuring network.

  • Rugged Mobile

    Portable Rugged mobiles that enable mobile workers to be more efficient in extreme environments.

  • In Vehicle Computing

    Purpose-built Computing for in-vehicle application, combining friendly & intuitive interface with vehicle connectivity & power.

  • Encryption

    Eclypt encrypted storage drives protect data-at-rest in commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) laptop and desktop computers.

  • Software

    Custom industrial software solutions supporting a wide range of devices and applications.

  • Power Supplies

    Power supplies for Military, Warehouse & other industry applications where high-grade power is required.

  • Military Computing & Timing

    A selection of military computing, timing and positioning products from our sister company Steatite Embedded.

  • Industrial PCs & Touchscreens

    A selection of industrial computing products from our sister company Steatite Embedded.