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Quick Overview

PCI Express video and audio capture card with eight channel video and audio input capable of capturing Full D1 resolution at 120 fps. This card also supports 2 channel video output.

Key Features

• PCI Express Form Factor
• Full D1 Across 8 Channels
• 8 x Video Input Via Adapter
• 2 x Video Output Via Adapter
• 8 x Audio Input Via Adapter
• External GPIO Board
• Supports Multi-Card Setup


  • Datasheet


Video Input: 8 Channel Composite Video NTSC / PAL Auto Sensing
Video Input Type: BNC (BNC + RCA to DB-26 Cable Included)
Video Output: 2 Channel Composite Video
Video Ouput Type: BNC (BNC + RCA to DB-26 Cable Included)
Audio Input: 8 Channels
Audio Input Type: RCA (BNC + RCA to DB-26 Cable Included)
Alarm I/O: Yes
Card ID: Rotary Switch Select Able With LED For ID Identification

PC Interface

PCIe x1

Video Processing

Video Compression: Software Compression

Video Engine: 1 x Conexant CX25853

Video Input Resolution Support:
720 x 576
720 x 480
720 x 288
720 x 248 – PAL Only
720 x 240
352 x 288 – PAL Only
352 x 240
320 x 240 – NTSC Only
160 x 120

Frame Rate:
NTSC – Total 240fps @ D1 Across 8 Channels
PAL – Total 200fps @ D1 Across 8 Channels

Audio Processing

Audio Compression: Software Compression
Audio Sampling Frequencies: 32k Hz, 44.1k Hz, 48k Hz, 96k Hz
Quantization: 24-bit

System requirements

Processor: x86 Compatible Computer
Memory: 512MB Or More

OS Environment:
Windows XP / Windows 7
Linux Kernel 3.1

Operating Temperature


Power Requirements

5.3W (3.3V at 1.39V / 12V at 0.06A)


111 mm x 102.4 mm