Security & Defence

With many years’ experience in the Military sector, Steatite recognizes that there are a number of challenges facing the Military market. There are a variety of rugged computing products available but choosing the right tool for the job is not as straight-forward as it would first appear.

Transportation & Logistics

With many transportation and logistics companies relying on technology to keep things a float, it is becoming paramount that this technology can perform without fail. Steatite offer a range of rugged tablets and mobile devices to deliver dependable computing power on demand,


Emergency service resources in the UK remain limited and are in constant demand. Rapid response teams often use computer equipment to log and monitor situations in the field, and demand the most reliable and robust equipment in order to do so.


At Steatite we understand that service technicians in the Utility industry are consistently faced with a variety of difficult challenges. Reliable equipment to provide support to the user is therefore of paramount importance.