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Getac MX50

Getac MX50 | 5.7″ HD Rugged Android Tablet PC

The Getac MX50 has been designed to meet the data input and output requirements of the digital dismounted soldier and is the first wearable product designed by Getac to address the requirements . . .

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Getac X500

Getac X500 | 15.6″ Full HD Ultra Rugged Laptop

By combining powerful 7th generation quad-core processors with a brilliant 15.6 inch full HD display and endless expansion, the Getac X500 is the most powerful ultra-rugged laptop Getac has ever . . .

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Getac EX80

Getac EX80 | 8″ ATEX/IECEX Approved Rugged Windows Tablet PC

The ruggedly designed Getac EX80 tablet delivers Windows touchscreen technology to the frontlines of the oil and gas industry. Certified for duty under harsh conditions and where fire hazards may . . .

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Getac F110

Getac F110 | 11.6″ HD Fully Rugged Windows Tablet PC

The Getac F110 is a true revolution in rugged tablet computing. Combining best-in-class performance, industry-leading security, a large 11.6″ widescreen display and a thin and light design that redefines rugged . . .

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Getac T800

Getac T800 | 8.1″ HD Fully Rugged Windows Tablet PC

Built for today’s mobile workforce, the Getac T800 fully rugged tablet features an 8.1″ HD LumiBond® display for a better viewing experience, the latest wireless technology, and a thin, ergonomic design allowing . . .

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Getac A140

Getac A140 | 14″ HD Fully Rugged Windows Tablet PC

The Getac A140 fully rugged tablet is our largest and most powerful tablet to date. It delivers exceptional performance with industry-leading security. An expansive 14″display provides wider viewing angles, greater operational . . .

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Getac ZX70

Getac ZX70 | 7″ HD Rugged Android Tablet PC

The Getac ZX70 fully rugged Android tablet is just the right size. With a thin and light, ergonomic design that’s easy to hold in just one hand, it’s the ideal . . .

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Getac B300

Getac B300 | 13.3″ XGA Fully Rugged Laptop

With the maximum performance, enhanced security, best-in-class battery life and one of the brightest displays in the industry, the Getac B300 is the most rugged laptop you can get and . . .

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Getac V110

Getac V110 | 11.6″ HD Fully Rugged Convertible Laptop

The Getac V110 fully rugged convertible laptop features best-in-class performance, industry-leading security, a large 11.6” widescreen display and a design that is as thin and light as ever.

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Getac S410

Getac S410 | 14″ HD / Full HD Semi Rugged Laptop

Raising the bar on the semi-rugged laptop class, the new Getac S410 is more rugged, slimmer and lighter than ever before. Boasting the latest computing innovations, including a significant CPU . . .

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Getac RX10

Getac RX10 | 10.1″ Full HD Rugged Windows Tablet PC

The Getac RX10 tablet is powered by the latest Intel Core M processors, proving optimum mobile performance, exceptional responsiveness and potentially limitless battery life.

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